Road Traffic Signs

Basic Rules of the Road

There are numerous rules and regulations that are presented under this section and all people walking on roads need to follow them. The instant idea is that these roads are not only for the specific purpose of drivers and they have been shared through the pedestrians and animals as well and if you are walking on the roads and then you would be required to follow them all. It would be possible for you to have an understanding of these Road Traffic Signs only when you are careful, patient and considerate.


Traffic Signals


Traffic signal or traffic light would be acting as the signaling device and that would be positioned on the intersection of road and that would be indicating when it is safe to move forward and that information would be passed through the help of code colors.

  1. RED- Wait and stop

  2. Yellow- You need to Get Ready

  3. Green- Go forward

Road Signals


These signs are the important part and they are meant for the overall safety of individuals and if you go through the Roads congress signs and these are mainly the indications and they are divided into 3 sections-

  1. Regulatory Signs or Mandatory Signs

  2. Warning or Precautionary or Cautionary Signs

  3. Informatory Signs


Hand Signals


Manual regulation or hand signals would be acting as the gestures and they would be used for the purpose of regulating traffic and that would be done through the movements of hand. Policemen would be making usage of these traffic signals and they would be used for traffic regulation and it can be used for giving the notifications to the users and they are categorized as follows.

  1. Hand Signals through Policeman

  2. Hand Signals through Drivers


Road Markings and Pavement Markings


Pavement markings got introduced in the year 1920 and from then it has been used for the purpose of indicating centerline of road.