Traffic Fines

Very soon the motorists violating speed rules and/or involvement in other illegal activities like drunk driving besides red light jumps won’t be spared with little fines plus rebukes of traffic cops. Stern action will be taken against violators under the new rule.  

Punishment of such offences would be based on the gravity level of crimes. Fines will be increased accordingly. If the case is of crushing a child to death, then the fine may be Rs. 3-lakh plus seven years jail term or both. Likewise if the case relates to manufacturing fault in the vehicles, then one can be asked to pay Rs.5 lakhs as penalty besides short jail term for 3 months. When a person drives an unregistered vehicle, then the fine could be up to Rs. 1-lakh.

As per the order issued by this ministry the proposal has been to hike penalties manifold on an average increase of 3 to 50 times from existing penalty. It will depend on the severity of cases. Tough action is expected to be taken against violators from driving license cancellation to even permanent suspension.

The new draft of bill indicates those violating speeds are liable to pay penalty of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 12,500 instead of current Rs. 400-1,000 fine applicable these days. One’s license can be suspended for upto two months under newly proposed rule which solely determine the case on the basis of certain level of speed limit exceed. Take for example, if one crosses existing limit of 40kmph or over speeds, then charges would be applicable accordingly.  

Those driving under certain influences might be fined Rs. 15,000 rather than current penalty of Rs. 3,000 besides up to one year’s jail term under newly proposed rule. Repeat of such offences for the 2nd time may lead to permanent cancellation of license and up to two years jail term or both. Such penalties have been made harsher for school bus drivers at Rs. 50,000/- fine besides a jail term of three-years.

Jail terms and fines are certain but drivers below 25 year of age group might also lose their right to drive temporarily due to the cancellation of their licenses for short time period of three months in that case.

Similarly, those jumping a red light may be punished with a fine between Rs. 5,000-15,000 alongside suspension of licenses for at least four weeks. If not wearing a seat belt then one can be fined for Rs. 5,000 as penalty.

With the reported road fatalities of 137,576 last year itself, India remains at top in the world in the list of such types of deaths. Record of same time period for mere Delhi had the list of total 7,566 accidents out of which 1,820 were the cases of deaths. The key purpose behind brining this bill is mainly to keep control over such accidents so that fatalities are brought down to at least 200,000 or less in coming five years besides 4% increase in the GDP through penalty incomes.

Besides heavy fines and stringent punishments in the form of imprisonments violating motorists will be forced to get traffic violation penalty point for every incident they have. If one gets 12 such penalty points then for sure their license would be nullified for at least one year in that situation.  

Many new features and options have been included in this draft which depends on present needs. In case of manufacturing faults while cars catch fire or other cases, fines can be in the form of auto firms using their rights to seize vehicles for safety and security purposes.