Road Safety Initiatives

Steps Taken By Ministry:


The Secretary of state for Street Transportation along with the roadways and it has taken many steps for rectifying these problems. The street transportation division of mobile street protecting would be making the safety plan for annual and half-yearly basis and it would be gathering the incident data on road and then would be communicating the same and for the purpose of declaration of road protection issues.


Important Schemes Administered By Road Safety Cell Are:

  1. Publicity Programs

  2. Grants-in-aid to Non-reflex Companies for planning street protection programs

  3. National Road Incident Comfort Service Scheme

  4. Refresher Exercising to Hefty Vehicle Individuals in Disorganized Sector

  5. Setting up the Exercising school Design Driving

  6. Within the M.O.R.T.H.s large street industry growth program, the government. is working carefully with agencies: World Financial institution, Oriental Development Financial institution to improve street protection.


Steps Taken:

  1. A number of steps have been taken for propagation of street protection lifestyle across the nation.

  2. The most recognizable venture under taken by the Native indian Govt has been the "National Road Growth Program", "Rural Streets Project" under the authority of Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

  3. "NGOs" have come up in many places to cope with this issue at their stages.

  4. "Police Departments" would be keeping the strict street protection artwork contests, several weeks.

  5. "Road Cell Safety” of ministry would be required to do the careful analysis for the enhancement of organization as well as the companies and they are also having the prizing system for the supreme participation in these areas



Bodies Involved in Road Safety


The Global Road Safety Partnership (G.R.S.P.) G.R.S.P. delivers together govt authorities and govt organizations, the private industry and municipal community companies to deal with street issues of protection in low and center income nations. G.R.S.P. is a organised program of the Worldwide Federation of Red Combination and Red Cres Cultures (I.F.R.C.), based in Geneva.


Traditionally, street protection has been seen as an regrettable impact of a transportation system and as a problem for the transportation industry. However, the immediate cost of the increasing variety of accidents drops mostly on the health industry, companies and family members. Today it is commonly recognized that many areas have a part to play in street protection, especially in the avoidance of accidents, fatalities and accidents. G.R.S.P. delivers together these areas at the international, nationwide and sometimes municipality level. G.R.S.P. provides advice on sound exercise and allows tasks in a lot more nations.


Road Safety Patrol (R.S.P.)


The R.S.P. is engaged in the academic element of Street Protection. The R.S.P. Program started way back in 1951, and was flagged off from the New Bharda High University at Ft, Mumbai. Built is now being applied in 511 school and expands to 68,548 R.S.P. learners. The learners are qualified about road safety factors and qualified in Routine and Celebration. They are also qualified authority features and self-discipline. This R.S.P. scheme inculcates self-discipline on road in school-going kids, who in convert inform their loved ones and other learners.


Traffic Warden Scheme


The Visitors Warden Program was started in Mumbai in 1988. It has an objective of encouraging people from all the ages to join as Visitors Wardens. The Visitors Wardens assist the Visitors Cops in managing people activity at important junctions, thus supporting the sleek circulation of Visitors. Their participation during major celebrations in managing the huge traffic in Mumbai is popular.