Road Ahead Steps Need to Be Taken

Different areas of community should come forward and be a part of arms in this route to create Native Indian streets a more secure trip. This page enlists what different areas of community can do to create this drive a success.


Government And The Public Sector Can Work On:

  1. Execution and Development of efficient street protection policies.

  2. Accountability in conference street protection goals and to ensure the efficient use of resources.

  3. Funds for street protection programs.

 Local and Regional Governments can:

  1. Take a leading role in managing the street protection effort of all appropriate organizations and group groups within their particular management place. The activities will constant with the National Road Safety Plan, and organize activity across all appropriate organizations in that regional place.

  2. Ensure that planning of local features and areas effectively is aware of the street protection needs of the group.

  3. Where possible, finance and apply street protection programs and projects.

  4. Ensure effective guidelines for the control and administration of alcoholic beverages regulations.

Communities and Cultural or Ethnic Organizations can:

  1. Provide support and authority for street protection strategies and projects.

  2. Demonstrate a concern for the number of street fatalities happening and a dedication to nurture upgrades.

  3. Persuade numerous areas to agree to the greater participatory role in street protection upgrades.

  4. Work with other organizations in offering street protection education/publicity and other street protection programmes

Education Sector Can:

  1. Make an official dedication to market effective street protection knowledge in educational institutions and pre-schools so that appropriate behavior is fostered from early age.

  2. Develop links between educational institutions and other agencies, such as the MOT, NRSC and police, in regards to street protection.

  3. Assist in life-long knowledge of motorists.

Media Can:

  1. Enhance group attention and understanding of the causal factors and real costs of street accidents.

  2. Support street safety projects through accountable and purpose confirming.

  3. Influence social changes which lead to a decrease in undesirable car owner behavior and poor behavior.

Police and Enforcement Agencies Can:

  1. Improve street individual actions and automobile requirements through stability of education, motivation and efficient administration strategies.

  2. Maximise administration efficiency using proven administration systems and technological innovation.

  3. Maintain an advanced level of expertise in crash/casualty reporting.

  4. Focus on the high risk behaviors and then utilize victim and collision data to identify places and where police administration could reduce such risky behaviors.

Health Agencies and Professionals can:

  1. Ensure growth of efficient emergency medical/services.

  2. Advise patients on their fitness to use the street, such as the effects of prescription drugs and medication on street individual performance.

  3. Provide reviews from injury assessment to improve automobile tenant security and street security plan.

  4. Provide street security health promotion programs.

  5. Liaise with the different practitioners in street security field to avoid replication of effort.

Transport and Land-Use Planners Can:

  1. Adopt secure and efficient visitors control actions in preparing transport and land-use developments.

  2. Pay particular attention to the security requirements of individuals with problems, seniors, children, people on the streets, bicycle riders and other non -motorised motorists in the preparing task.   


Road Engineers and Highway Authorities can:

  1. Enhancing the security performance of street network by ensuring that preparing, design, construction and servicing places a higher priority on security results.

  2. Apply collision avoidance andcollision reduction methods to create more secure street networks for the future.

  3. Review and security rehabilitated and newbie streets and audit existing, to remove the unnecessary hazardous places and misleading/absent markings. 

 Insurance Industry can:

  1. Assist in the growth, support and funding of collision avoidance programs.

  2. Providing the premium incentives through the means of encouraging and rewarding more secure actions.

  3. Provide reviews to govt and restorative healing collision trends and results to help in the further growth of street security plan.

Alcohol and Hospitality Entertainment Industry:

  1. Adopting the alcohol serving accountable requirements and coordinator liability programs, especially for youngsters.

  2. Assist patrons in monitoring booze, for example, through the use of coin-operated breath evaluators and better labeling of alcoholic content of drinks.

  3.   Promotion of the intake of lower-alcohol drinks in preference to higher proof drinks.

  4. Advertising and improving alcohol liability.

 Vehicle Manufacturers and Importers can:

  1. Improve crashworthiness functions of automobiles such as enhanced tenant security.

  2. Progressively in-vehicle collision introduction avoidance technological innovation.

  3. Adopt a promotion value, which encourages the precautionary functions and security performance of automobiles and their accountability use.

  4. Discontinue importation of gone down automobiles. Such gone down automobiles must be repaired/restored in the originating nation before being brought in into [country name].

  5. Only automobiles under five years old to be brought in and all automobiles to undergo a mandatory automobile roadworthiness inspection before being permitted to use [country name] streets.

Heavy Vehicle Transport Industry can:

  1. Adopting freight sending accountability and generating schedules which permit adequate rest breaks and improve car owner security.

  2. Prevent the alcohol abuse and drug stimulants and improve healthy lifestyle habits amongst individuals.

  3. Ensure huge requirements of mechanical security automobile, and load stability and security.

  4. Enhance industry reliability and security through improved navy control.

Driver Training Providers can:

  1. Required for all student to follow the rules of automobiles to display signs.

  2. Equip novice individuals student and with the necessary abilities, attitudes and actions needed to for driving safely on the streets.

  3. Maintain and nurture a higher standard of car owner training, instruction and reliability.

  4. Promote and nurture the improving of ability to drive amongst individuals, particularly individuals of heavy and public service automobiles.

  5. Establish an Association and improve industry reliability by developing a Code of Services teaching materials, Driving Instructors training programs, etc., for their members.

    Motoring Associations can:

  1. Promote street security amongst their subscriptions by providing up-to-date and relevant information on visitor’s laws; secure car owner actions and methods, street conditions, servicing procedures and automobile security.

  2. Improve, Support, and attract efficient street security projects and campaigns.

  3. Providing membership reviews to govt and industry on street security plan and new projects.


 Advertisers can:

  1. Discourage promotion which glamorizes and/or encourages risky methods and items.

  2. Actively motivate more secure methods and items   

Researchers/Universities can:

  1. Ensure that street security analysis is of top excellent, timely and that its implications are identified and marketed.

  2. Ensuring the growth of top and supreme directories.

  3. Evaluate efficiency of actions implemented to make sure affordable expenditure.

  4. Provide reliable analysis results and knowledge against which plan decisions can be made.

  5. Ensure that there is stability between analysis on basic and applied topics.


All Organization can:

  1. Development of security internal policies for the team such as coordinator liability.

  2. Promote safety in navy operation.

  3. Larger navy operators can motivate team to participate in protecting generating programs, and where feasible, attract or buy in protecting generating programs for own team at own premises.


 Individual Road Users can:

  1. Attainment of a greater awareness, understanding, and practice of secure actions and abilities.

Make the personal commitment for improve street security by implementing more courteous and   thoughtful street actions and indicating care for the security of others.