Road Safety

Indian is having 2nd biggest street system in whole world and that is up to the 2 thousand km of streets and out of that sixty percent have been introduced. These streets would be making the significant participation to the economic system of India's. On the contrary, these features for the motorists are not on level, resulting in a higher cost of the loss of life affected individuals. Lately, there are growing issues over the street collision problem.


With the progression of technology, the most developed tasks performed along with the property are the large street building tasks. When new streets come into existence and more of automobiles are developed in great numbers making street protection a crucial question.


Road protection is growing as the major social issue in country. These researches are amazing with a typical death percentage of 100,00 individuals passing away in the street injuries.


According to the study from WHO, every time traffic injuries are taking life of more than 1.1 thousand people and kids, all over the planet and harm numerous. The cost of loss of life is on higher side especially for nations where people on the streets, riders and travelers are insecure and automobiles lack the protection rules, such as Indian.


Here Are Few Important Facts

  1. 85% of all street incident fatalities occur in developing countries and nearly half in the Asia-Pacific region.

  2. India accounts for approximately10 % of street incident fatalities globally.

  3. An approximated 1,275,000 persons are grievously harmed on the street every year.

  4. Social cost of yearly injuries in Indian has been approximated around $ 12,000.

  5. Professionalism especially in car owner training is missing, percentage of inexperienced individuals is constantly is escalating and positive thinking is missing.

In Native Indian viewpoint protection rules are lagging behind and they do not meet with the benchmark. There are ample of word wide companies that are coming up with new models every year.


The most important part is that there are no efforts being made through which some improvement measures can be adopted on the road and it is the need of the hour to come up with the censors as well as air bags and these are found missing. Moreover, the government bodies need to take the stringent actions and make this task easy. It is essential to follow all the rules and through which you can life the safe life and in the best way.