Community against Drunken Driving (CADD)

CADD was started in the year 2001 out of his personal benefits by a young capitalist, Singhal Royal prince. It is one of the non-governmental companies in Native Indian, which has been regularly working in the area of Intoxicated Generating. In the last 10 decades, CADD has done more than 500 attention actions including 10 Thousand people with more than 300 well known encounters loaning their support to the activity.


The activity was released in Delhi as part of the Nationwide Road Safety Week in company with the Delhi Cops, at a time when even the government bodies did not identify this problem. Therefore, administration organizations across the country took notice of the issue and released significant pushes against drunken individuals.


Over the last 10 decades CADD has regularly proved helpful towards avoiding drunken driving disasters on Native Indian streets. Whether it has been through releasing individual tasks particularly dealing with teenagers, younger generation, affected individuals, professional vehicle individuals etc or through impressive pushes like - ‘Designate a Driver’, ‘Responsible Consuming Project’, ‘Community Walks’, ‘Bike Rallies’ across Native Indian. This is all about the Community against Drunk Driving